Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Yelo Creations Crafts Your One-of-a-Kind Wedding Stationery!

Save-the-dates and invitations are wedding guests’ first glimpses at what a bride and groom’s special day will entail. These pieces of stationery portray the colors and theme of the wedding, which not only bolsters the excitement for the bride and groom to-be but also builds anticipation for all of those who were chosen to share in this special occasion.

Here is a breakdown of the primary steps Yelo Creations takes to ensure that the wedding stationery properly embodies the vision of a couple’s nuptials:
Meets with bride-to-be three to four months prior to the wedding date
Discusses color choices and a theme
Finds out if the bride-to-be wants a contemporary or traditional style
Determines any preference for particular paper textures
Brainstorms possible interactive aspects of the bride-to-be’s stationery
Exhibits possible variations regarding size, shape and style of the enclosure

Basic wedding stationery includes:
invitation enclosure with large envelope
RSVP with envelope
reception information card

*Yelo Creations can handle any other requests as well – such as Thank You cards, menus, table numbers, place cards and ceremony programs, all of which will reflect the same design and theme of the wedding and invitations.

After the colors, theme, and stationery pieces are selected, Yelo Creations creates five digital mock-up designs for the bride-to-be to choose from. The mock-up designs simulate any paper layering, cutouts, as well as interactive and/or tangible elements of the stationery.

Yelo Creations will then give the client an estimate for the overall cost, which includes the design, materials, tools, as well as labor. Fifty percent of the total estimated cost is also due at this point. (The estimate is subject to change depending upon unforeseen variables, which may include fluctuating material costs, rush production and/or mailing, and/or extensive production time. If anything changes along the way, Yelo Creations will notify the client immediately).

Once the design parameters have been established with the client, the designer orders all of the paper, materials, and tools necessary to create the one-of-a-kind wedding stationery.

Next, Yelo Creations fashions one complete set of stationery to be approved by the client either in person or via photograph. Only minor changes to the text and digital design will be allowed at this point without incurring additional charges – Yelo Creations cannot make changes to materials once they have been ordered.

Pending one-hundred percent satisfaction, Yelo Creations proceeds with crafting the rest of the order. Additionally, Yelo Creations is able to handle any printing of addresses on both the outgoing and RSVP envelopes.

All material receipts and labor hours are added and the initial payment is deducted to calculate a final total (this total may differ from the preliminary estimate). The remainder of the bill is due once all of the wedding stationery has been turned over to the bride-to-be.

Since all production is crafted by hand, at least two weeks are needed for completion of the order to guarantee optimum quality and attention to detail – more time may be needed if there are multiple paper layers, die cuts, etc.

Yelo Creations’ ultimate goal is to turn what may seem like an arduous part of the wedding planning process into an enjoyable experience that produces a lasting memento, which newlyweds, their family, and their friends can cherish for many years to come.


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